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5+ A Day in the Community

We have committed our 5+ A Day Sponsorship budget for 2017 as follows:



Once again 5+ A Day is supporting the performing arts by sponsoring the Stage Challenge and J Rock events. Over 13,000 students take part in these events in 11 regions.

Stage Challenge/J Rock



5+ A Day is supporting the National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge. Teams of budding chefs go head-to-head in a live kitchen cook off to compete for the national title.




New Zealand Football Logo

Last year we announced our NZ Football partnership with 5+ A Day Football in Schools. Promoting healthy eating and physical activity jointly in this targeted programme supports focus areas of the Ministry of Health’s Childhood Obesity Plan. Up to 60,000 children will take part in this exciting programme featuring football skills and games with a 5+ A Day twist.

NZ Football


5+ A Day also supported our Football Ferns on their road to the biggest international sporting event in August 2016 (can you guess what it was?). The Football Ferns fuelled their training sessions with fresh fruit and vegetables courtesy of 5+ A Day.

Jasmine Pereira, NZ Football Fern, Forward

“It is a big thing for the girls to get that fresh fruit and fresh veges. We train a lot and we get to come to training and come and pick it up and it is for free, it helps all the girls get the nutrients that they need while we are training every day. It is an awesome thing for the girls and we are really proud to be aligned with 5+ A Day.

“We are definitely noticing a bit of a difference in the food we are eating and this will definitely help our road to international glory. Hopefully this fresh fruit and veges will help us perform like we know we can at the Olympics.

Jane Barnett, NZ Football Fern, Striker

“It is awesome. Many of the girls in the team are students or working part time so it is awesome to have the fruit and veges to help us with healthy living.

“Eating properly is really important to our preparation. We are doing everything we can to be in the best shape for our big competition and this is part of that too. I have noticed a massive difference. The shopping bill has gone down a lot, and I feel a lot better with my diet. We are very grateful for this partnership.

Aimee Phillips, NZ Football Fern, Striker

I cooked a vegetarian lentil dish the other day. This partnership is awesome. It takes the stress of having to get to the supermarket all the time and think about what you are eating. It is really exciting to have this presented to us and it is making a big difference in our training each week.


TV - Sticky TV has moved!

Be sure to tune in to Sticky TV, now on TV3 weekdays at 3:20PM. Watch to catch Fredge and view the Sticky TV crew enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables.