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5+ A Day in the Community

Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa Conference 2019

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust is proud to support the Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa Conference held in May in Auckland. The theme of the conference is Collaboration: Everyone’s Business. It will see health professionals from all over New Zealand coming together to discuss promoting health and wellbeing and preventing illness.

For more information: https://conference.ana.org.nz

Kai Five

5+ A Day supports Billiie and Kalani from Kai Five to make great tasting kai that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. View Kai Five online at Hei Hei (www.heihei.nz)


What Now 

5+ A Day keeps the What Now cast and audience fuelled on healthy NZ fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the season. Ronnie, Chris and Erin will have fab new fruit and vegetable antics to share in 2019 like ‘Ehoa Feijoa’ and ‘Brotato’.

Sunday from 8-10am on TV2.


National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge

Once again 5+ A Day is supporting the Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge. Teams of budding chefs go head-to-head in a live kitchen cook off to compete for the national title.


5+ A Day Football in Schools

Our partnership with NZ Football’s continues with 5+ A Day Football in Schools. This targeted programme promotes healthy eating and physical activity jointly. Up to 70,000 children will take part and learn football skills and games with a 5+ A Day twist.