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New Zealand broccolini is available all year round.


Storage and Handling

Store in the refrigerator.Handle all fresh produce with care and wash before eating.



Broccolini was developed in Japan where it was called Chinese Kale. ‘Broccolini’ is a trademark of the Mann Produce Company.



  • Broccolini is a natural cross between broccoli and gai lan or Chinese broccoli.
  • It is a member of the brassica family
  • Broccolini is often misidentified as young broccoli
  • Broccolini has a long slender stem topped with small flowering buds that resemble a cross between broccoli florets and an asparagus tip


Growing Facts

  • Broccolini prefers cooler climates and air temperatures 

Nutrition Information

8 stalks = 85 g

  Average Quantity per serving % Daily Intake per serve Average Quantity per 100 g
Energy (kJ/Cal) 146/35 2% 168/40
Protein (g) 3.0 6% 3.5
Fat, total (g) 0.0 0% 0.0
- saturated (g) 0.0 0% 0.0
Available carbohydrate (g) 6.0 2% 6.9
- sugars (g) 2.0 2% 2.3
Dietary Fibre (g) 1.0 3% 1.2
Sodium (mg) 25 1% 29
Vitamin A Eqiuv. (µg) 225 30% RDI* 259
Vitamin C (mg) 52 130% RDI* 60

Percentage Daily Intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ

Your daily Intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs

*Recommended Dietary Intake (Average Adult)

Source: Information courtesy of Fruits & Veggies More Matters