5+ A Day

15 March 2021

Keep the Doctor Away this Autumn with a Vitamin-infused Workplace Lunch

With the changing of seasons in progress and in light of recent Covid-19 restrictions, keeping well at your workplace – whether home or office based is essential.

Now is a great time to create good habits and boost immunity by infusing your lunch with vitamin-rich autumn fruit. On offer right now are apples, pears, passionfruit and feijoas. Persimmons and mandarins will also soon be arriving.

With more than four out of ten New Zealanders working from home during last year’s lockdown, 5+ A Day Project Manager Carmel Ireland says this new norm provides an opportunity for people to make healthy food choices if they are able to keep a full fruit bowl at home.

“Whether you are making lunch at home or taking it to work with you, adding fruit such as apples, pears and persimmons provide an extra vitamin-hit to salads and water infused with passionfruit and mandarin take hydrating to a whole new level.”

Autumn fruit packs a big punch when it comes to the health benefits they offer. “Eating two mandarins will provide almost double your Recommended Dietary Intake of vitamin C and help support immunity.”

“Feijoas also contain a good source of vitamin C to support healthy gums, teeth and skin, while passionfruit contain vitamin E which helps protect cells against free radical damage."

“Apples and pears are easy to grab and go any time of day and provide dietary fibre to aid healthy digestion. For a good dose of vitamin A, which is vital for healthy new cells and eyesight, sub-tropical persimmons are your pick.

“Our locally-grown produce is the best you will find anywhere in the world due to fertile soils, a good growing climate and the exceptional skills of our growers. You can be sure that if you are buying fresh and in season, you are always going to get great value,” she says.

@5adaynz will be showcasing autumn fruit recipes, tips and serving suggestions throughout March so keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram.