5+ A Day

1 March 2018

5+ A Day Workplace Wellness Challenge March 2018

Workmates can have a really big influence on what you eat each day – so keep each other motivated and create some healthier habits by taking part in our new Workplace Wellness Challenge.

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust has created useful Workplace Wellness Kits (order here) to help inspire you and your colleagues to eat more fresh and healthy food. It’ll help keep those mid-afternoon sugar and caffeine cravings under control and your mind sharp throughout the day.

You’ll find several other yummy, easy and delicious recipes in our Workplace Wellness Recipe Booklet to help get your workday lunches sorted. Some you can prepare the night before, while others you can easily assemble on the spot.

Our ‘What’s in Season’ chart, wall planner and storage tips can help you create a solid plan for the cooler months ahead. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to boost your daily mood and prevent those extra winter kilos from creeping on. These can be ordered from this website, link here.

To help spread the love around New Zealand workplaces, we’re giving away one Wellness Kit every week on the 5+ A Day Facebook page during March as part of our new Workplace Wellness Challenge. Feel free to encourage your followers to enter, here’s how they can do it:

Just take a photo of your work lunch (the more fruit and veg packed in there, the better!) and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Tag @5adaynz in your post so we can see it and use the hashtags #5adaynz #5ADaynzWorkplaceWellness.

If you don’t work in an office – don’t worry – you can still inspire your friends and family by sharing pictures of your nutritious daily lunch. Get creative and show us what’s on your menu.

So, round up your workmates, get your boss on board and take on a new workplace challenge together this autumn. Check out our recipes and social media for inspiration.

Enjoy your lunch!

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