5+ A Day

4 September 2018

Celebrating Māori Language Week Through a Love of Kai

Nothing tells a story, or brings people and cultures together, quite like food. So why not celebrate Māori Language Week (September 10-16) through sharing a love of healthy kai (food)?

Helping us to share part of Aotearoa’s kaupapa (story) through a modern take on old-school Māori kai, we’ve worked alongside our friends Belinda and Jarrad McKay at Pūhā & Pākehā, an Auckland-based food truck, to put together a recipe that is a deliciously modern spin on Kiwi ingredients. Of course, it also promotes the importance of health and oranga (well-being) by making sure we’re eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables.

The result is Pumpkin and Carrot Pikelets, with Watercress/Cress Sauce and Vegetable Salsa. This will be a sure-fire favourite with the whole whānau, jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

Belinda says the recipe ties New Zealand’s different cultures and traditions together in a way that aims to inspire and delight.

“This recipe takes key vegetables used in Māori kai and we’ve added modern flavours and cooking styles, in a way that we hope will encourage people to give it a go and enjoy the kai of Aotearoa.”

This year, Māori Language Week’s theme focuses on the importance of making the Māori language stronger – Kia Kaha te Reo Māori – and what better way to do that, while also promoting the importance of keeping our bodies strong by fuelling them with the right kind of food, than through sharing delicious recipes and encouraging the use of Te Reo Māori at kai time?

5+ A Day Charitable Trust General Manager Paula Dudley says fresh fruit and vegetables are important not only for the body, but for our minds as well.

“Lifting our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables can make a huge difference to the way we feel. People who consume extra fresh fruit and vegetables see significant improvements to their well-being and stress levels, with boosts in vitality and motivation as well.

“Eating your vegetables while learning key words in Te Reo Māori is the perfect way of feeding our minds in two ways at once.”

5+ A Day recently created a Te Reo Māori poster which are perfect for the workplace, home kitchen and classroom to encourage those around you to eat their 5+ A Day. The text, ‘Ngā huarākau me ngā huawhenua mo te oranga’, means: Fruit and vegetables for well-being.

Why not include Te Reo Māori into your daily routine, and encourage your friends and whanau to do the same, starting from the first day of Māori Language Week – this coming Monday, 10thSeptember?

Kia Kaha (be strong) - eat your fruit and vegetables!