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Cherry Berry Trifle

Cherry Berry Trifle

Cherry Berry Trifle

Serves: 8 - 10

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking: none



1 punnet strawberries (plus some to decorate for serving)
1 punnet raspberries
About 20 fresh cherries, stone out and halved
1/3 cup sugar
½ cup water
½ cup cherry brandy (or sherry)
One unfilled sponge
2 cups custard
½ cup raspberry jam
300ml cream (whipped)


Simmer berries with sugar and water for 15 minutes

Take off the heat and add the sherry then strain off juice and put to in flat bottomed bowl ready to dip sponge into

Cut sponge up into squares

Dip enough of the sponge squares into the berry juice to make one layer on the bottom of your trifle dish

Put half the cherries on top

Whip cream and mix together with custard

Pour half of the cream and custard over the cherries

Then mix half of the strawberries and raspberries with half of the cooked berry mixture


Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour or two before serving

To serve top with whipped cream and decorate with strawberries