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Kūmara Hash Browns

Kūmara Hash Browns

Kūmara Hash Browns

Serves: 8-10

Preparation: 15 minutes

Cooking: 15 minutes



2 kūmara, peeled and grated
1 brown onion, diced finely
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/3 cup gluten free flour (we used almond meal)
2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
Pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil for cooking



Place grated kūmara in a clean tea towel, wring out as much moisture as possible (this is key to getting the hash browns to turn out well). Then place into a large bowl

Add in onion, garlic, flour, olive oil and season with salt and pepper, mix ingredients well

Heat a large pan or skillet over medium to high heat, drizzle in olive oil

With your hands shape 8-10 hash browns and add as many as you can into the pan, flatten each with a spatula.  Reduce the heat and cook until golden brown then flip and cook until golden and cooked through. Then place onto a plate lined with a paper towel and repeat with the rest of the mixture

Serve alongside avocado or poached eggs