5+ A Day Early Childhood Education Challenge 2016

Take the 5+ A Day Early Childhood Education Challenge for a fun, healthy start to 2016 and WIN.

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5+ A Day Consumer Challenge 2016

#GETITIN - All New Consumer 5+ A Day Challenge! The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust is about to raise consumption and the roof with its all new adult 5+ A Day Challenge this coming February.

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The 5+ A Day School Challenge 2016

Kick-start the New Year with the 5+ A Day School Challenge; help set up your healthy school environment for the year and WIN.

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  • 22 HOURS AGO
    RT @AmandaBrien: Show the @Fredge_5ADay team how you #getitin and win! https://t.co/WEXZ3hbfiP
  • 8:39 AM   10 Feb
    Salad in jar for work lunch fab way to #getitin with #5aday #TGIT https://t.co/02rnHr01FA
  • 1:58 PM   8 Feb
    RT @KLMcLaren: @Fredge_5ADay getting in it at the @NRL Auckland Nines #getitin #5aday https://t.co/jFgQ0dSyNX
  • 1:58 PM   4 Feb
    RT @JuliaAndLibby: We're taking part in the #5ADay challenge this month and getting in an extra serving of fruit by making smoothies... htt…
  • 6:00 PM   2 Feb
    Upload a photo or video showing us how you get your fruits and veges into your day and win. https://t.co/ZXu2wXxC3Z https://t.co/h6DepyIQ5X
  • 11:17 AM   1 Feb
    Fruit & veg could reduce breast cancer risk by 1/4 says Harvard study of 90,000 women https://t.co/EtNZ4LyUZ2 https://t.co/hE0yugC7Nf
  • 12:44 PM   29 Jan
    @artgreen_ and @matildarice are going to #GETITIN for the #5adaychallenge this February. Are you… https://t.co/rMyFbZeMQ6
  • 5:24 PM   29 Jan
    RT @FreshPlaza_com: NZ campaign makes fresh produce fun for consumers @Fredge_5ADay https://t.co/NHmPKBgwKL https://t.co/XUjAcRqPLh
  • 12:35 PM   28 Jan
    NEW RESEARCH! Natural compound in fruit & veg could help prevent weight gain! 5+ A Day all the way check it out https://t.co/L1TEJEgyHp
  • 11:45 AM   26 Jan
    February is just around the corner and so is the 2016 5+ A Day Challenge. For more info: https://t.co/ZXu2wXxC3Z https://t.co/NrAVKDieQ3
  • 10:38 AM   21 Jan
    RT @Lesleyattalk: I love spuds! @HorticultureNZ @Fredge_5ADay @WeLoveSpuds https://t.co/3O8WtPrDoE
  • 12:13 PM   20 Jan
    Caprese! Cherry tomatoes baby mozzarella fresh basil splash of olive oil a bit of black pepper & you are done! https://t.co/o2BssFIlA0
  • 11:20 AM   19 Jan
    Can fruit boost male sexual health? Check it out guys https://t.co/oniPcoIH34
  • 7:28 PM   19 Jan
    RT @NZ_Football: NEWS l @NZ_Football team up with @Fredge_5ADay in new partnership https://t.co/WlSpgIBi3k https://t.co/cpIrxDMtaL
  • 9:50 AM   17 Jan
    Our Tomato, Onion and Pesto Tart is a must try! Check it out here: https://t.co/zg8KP7P5f5
  • 8:03 PM   17 Jan
    @HorticultureNZ roasted with honey & balsamic topped with granola & mint #easy & #awesome
  • 7:08 PM   17 Jan
    Roasted #NewZealand stone fruit with a view while watching the @BLACKCAPS a perfect #Sunday @HorticultureNZ https://t.co/k4u1FqYfbF
  • 11:35 AM   14 Jan
    Drumroll for these little beauties! Baked #Nectarines with Pistachios, link: https://t.co/6QyuFNR6ph https://t.co/CZolVGJz2H
  • 11:13 AM   12 Jan
    Loving our #NewZealand summerfruit season to start my day peaches nectarines apricots and plums all in #season now 😍 https://t.co/yGe2h8dIM3
  • 10:35 AM   12 Jan
    Sweet #apricots are prefect right now, try them in our Grilled Apricot Salad YUM https://t.co/tHEENE0Htv https://t.co/EpPFXYSAxm
  • 3:25 PM   11 Jan
    RT @NZneedsCoOL: Nice clear labelling here ...but are they New Zealand's spinach babies? https://t.co/WGJz1vXnEI
  • 3:25 PM   11 Jan
    RT @HorticultureNZ: It's got to be good for you AND your baby @JesseMulligan right @Fredge_5ADay ? https://t.co/SURW14Q9Wz
  • 10:58 AM   10 Jan
    New Study! Cartoon characters could help children eat 5+ A Day https://t.co/1zd4E12AwC https://t.co/qheovwjwNc
  • 9:45 AM   10 Jan
    Want a refreshing sweet treat? Try our #Plum and Blueberry Mascarpone Tart https://t.co/cfkuMEfI95 https://t.co/cET2lBIUFZ
  • 10:40 AM   6 Jan
    Be sure to impress with our #Nectarine and Herbed Goat’s Cheese Salad: https://t.co/tcLTxSzC6h https://t.co/uR8GEfedMO
  • 9:40 AM   4 Jan
    Simply stunning summer fruit, try our #Nectarine and #Plum Salsa to freshen any meal https://t.co/IArZqjEKIA https://t.co/VUTTOHq1r3
  • 9:13 AM   4 Jan
    RT @monyino: El mejor postre para esta nochevieja y empezar el año bien "supervitaminado" @5aldiaspain @Fredge_5ADay @5aldiachile https://t…
  • 1:25 PM   4 Jan
    Check out our colourful and refreshing NZ Summer Fruit Salad, recipe: https://t.co/nRwjgs0XXr https://t.co/4VwO903OZL
  • 1:22 PM   4 Jan
    5aday in Hoi An, #Vietnam 😍🍎🍐🍌🍇🇻🇳 Amazing fruit lychees, mangos, dragon fruit, kumquat #kiwi https://t.co/m10tAjKgnR
  • 2:32 PM   3 Jan
    @KLMcLaren nice work 🍓🍉🍌🍎🍏

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