5+ A Day Early Childhood Education Challenge 2016

Take the 5+ A Day Early Childhood Education Challenge for a fun, healthy start to 2016 and WIN.

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What's in Season

Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables offer value for money, great taste options and wide ranging health benefits. Find out what is in season this month and try our fabulous recipes.


The 5+ A Day School Challenge 2016

Kick-start the New Year with the 5+ A Day School Challenge; help set up your healthy school environment for the year and WIN.

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  • 1:38 PM   30 Nov
    This looks awesome @KLMcLaren ❤️👍 https://t.co/qQ97lhGvek
  • 10:38 AM   29 Nov
    We know oranges taste great but now the peel has the ability to clean up the worlds oceans check it out https://t.co/BdyALzDawl
  • 6:38 PM   26 Nov
    RT @AutBees: And thanks to @autuni we have just moved into our new home on the roof at AUT :) #autbees https://t.co/BZMDbGhCK4
  • 6:40 PM   23 Nov
    Left over Sunday roast veg for #MeatlessMonday bubble & squeak https://t.co/tjxqTmQsPx
  • 8:11 PM   19 Nov
    Mushroom risotto cakes 😍 https://t.co/QRh4kkzz5w for recipe #cleaneating #fresh #healthy #5aday #vegetarian https://t.co/pVlviEzhQW
  • 4:20 PM   19 Nov
    Potatoes have the ability to feed the world using massively less water than rice & wheat. Bring on the humble #spud https://t.co/e34Lb50hxd
  • 10:58 AM   16 Nov
    Vit B6 from #mushrooms great for unlocking energy from food, good to eat before exercise #5aday https://t.co/c2plBg3VU6
  • 8:09 PM   16 Nov
    Amazing #potato facts https://t.co/d0fZND0WnS
  • 5:53 PM   16 Nov
    Meatless Monday for me with this fabulous #fungi recipe on https://t.co/QRh4kkzz5w https://t.co/4Rc22WnGhG
  • 4:30 PM   13 Nov
    @rlpalmy @NZ_Avocado @HorticultureNZ thanks Palmy 👯👯👯
  • 4:30 PM   13 Nov
    RT @rlpalmy: Looks awesome @Fredge_5ADay https://t.co/9iAX6aUWE3
  • 3:40 PM   13 Nov
    Getting ready for the #weekend with my #5aday #potato salad feat. #asparagus & @NZ_Avocado @HorticultureNZ #TGIF https://t.co/fF4O7DeVOx
  • 12:42 PM   12 Nov
    @nathampshire oh my my that's pretty creative of them 😂🍌🍒🍉🍅
  • 7:07 PM   12 Nov
    RT @5aldiaspain: No olvides empezar tu día con un buen #desayuno que incluya #frutasyhortalizas!! #Felizjueves https://t.co/fDEXpYv3Wb
  • 4:37 PM   12 Nov
    RT @HorticultureNZ: We love NZ potatoes @Fredge_5ADay! https://t.co/80hj6p9XV0
  • 4:36 PM   12 Nov
    @HorticultureNZ fantastic to hear, we are a big fan too 😁
  • 4:10 PM   12 Nov
    Try our Hassleback Potatoes recipe for a simple side tonight! Click here > https://t.co/KOqOfqErP8 https://t.co/CdnJm5RyvD
  • 11:26 AM   10 Nov
    Mushrooms have your B vitamins to reduce tiredness & fatigue covered biotin riboflavin niacin B5 & B6 #superfood https://t.co/wsoDipgG3j
  • 11:17 AM   10 Nov
    Trying to lose weight? Eat fruit for breakfast, check it out https://t.co/Op6sosR6ht
  • 11:12 AM   10 Nov
    Potatoes are gluten, cholesterol & fat free plus contain more dietary fibre, potassium & folate than rice & pasta! https://t.co/rY3JvJccXC
  • 11:25 AM   8 Nov
    RT @KumaraFusion: @Fredge_5ADay thanks, did not know this about #mushrooms
  • 11:04 AM   8 Nov
    #Mushrooms contain niacin which reduces tiredness & helps unlock energy from food, add some to your day :) https://t.co/oFiUWiF99U
  • 8:51 AM   6 Nov
    Breakfast #5aday #smoothie with @NZ_Avocado 😍 https://t.co/yEjgBIGu6I
  • 3:51 PM   6 Nov
    RT @Midge_Munro: @Fredge_5ADay @plantandfood @HorticultureNZ having a great day, lots of ideas, creating more work for myself 😀 #primarycom…
  • 3:47 PM   6 Nov
    Enjoying the Primary Communicators Day! 🙂 @plantandfood @HorticultureNZ @NZ_Avocado https://t.co/iWAjCmd4xh
  • 2:17 PM   6 Nov
    RT @HorticultureNZ: Communicators being communicated to about communications..at the primary communicators day! #primarycoms @MPI_NZ @Fredg…
  • 7:21 PM   4 Nov
    RT @plantandfood: Plant & Food Research recognised at 2015 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards: Plant & Food Research was ... https:/…
  • 7:21 PM   4 Nov
    RT @NZ_Avocado: Nothing wrong with making something so simple! We love Nigella loves avocado on toast so much, she even makes it... https:…
  • 7:21 PM   4 Nov
    RT @johnkeypm: An absolute privilege for Bronagh and I to welcome TRH The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to Wellington. https://t.…
  • 10:40 AM   3 Nov
    Fresh #Potatoes available in NZ are grown locally, more patriotic than a new flag @HorticultureNZ @oaklandsmilk https://t.co/wvOeSfGrV2

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Activities in our Early Childhood Education resource are based around the principles of Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum and include relevant strands, goals and discussion points.

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Primary Schools

Register here to receive your 5+ A Day Primary School education resources. Growing and Learning with 5+ A Day is linked to the New Zealand Curriculum supporting Health and Physical Education, Literacy, Numeracy and Science through practical lessons and learning experiences. Take the 5+ A Day School Challenge here.

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Intermediate Schools

Our Food Technology resource for Intermediate Schools is supported by HETTANZ and focuses on seasonal recipe development appropriate for years 7 and 8.

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Our 5+ A Day resources for Health Professionals provide useful tools for health promotion in the community. They focus on practical tips and recipes for achieving 5+ A Day, with user-friendly information on the associated health benefits.

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