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  • 11:26 AM   22 Mar
    Poached #pears make a nutritious dessert, & add dietary fibre to a meal - great for digestive health #5adaynz… https://t.co/OEhnxPcAfR
  • 1:09 PM   22 Mar
    Easy #Apple & #Passionfruit Salad at 5+ A Day HQ. Tastes great & gives fibre & Vit C @pipfruit #5adaynz https://t.co/ZmIWQak0uY
  • 10:21 AM   19 Mar
    Research: Fruit and veg beat middle age blues: study https://t.co/qK6MDe1I2E #5adaynz
  • 9:58 AM   16 Mar
    Nature's own St Patrick's Day fare. ☘️Celebrate and eat well! ☘️🍏🥑🥝🥒 #5adaynz #StPatricksDay #EatWell https://t.co/N78ZGkiBOv
  • 10:58 AM   15 Mar
    Research: COPD May Be Avoided Among Smokers By Eating More Fruits, Vegetables https://t.co/0RBp8wv1tE #5adaynz
  • 12:54 PM   14 Mar
    Loving this NZ #Pear, #Apple & Kale salad by @JuliaAndLibby. Recipe over at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9 🍎🍐#5adaynz… https://t.co/kcncjgz6bW
  • 9:48 AM   13 Mar
    Booming apple industry boosting Central Otago's economy https://t.co/EjkuLvATdo 🍎 #5adaynz @pipfruit @horticulturenz
  • 9:40 AM   12 Mar
    Research: Eat like a Viking - it's good for your heart https://t.co/B8dvXpAoFp #5adaynz #hearthealth #viking #healthyeating
  • 8:53 AM   11 Mar
    Veg-ing up the breakfast burritos this morning 🍅🌶🥑🌮 #5adaynz @NZ_Avocado @HorticultureNZ https://t.co/U7CozeHred
  • 10:50 AM   9 Mar
    Research: Could Fruits and Veggies Save Hearts Worldwide? ❤🥑🍐🍎🥒🥕#5adaynz #hearthealth https://t.co/yHPeh7aeX1
  • 11:19 AM   8 Mar
    RT @KLMcLaren: Happy International Women's Day to all the gals out there! Special shout out to @pjduddy who is… https://t.co/H2bVTBkD7M
  • 10:47 AM   8 Mar
    #Apples are a good source of Vit C, necessary for brain & nerve function. Perfect for #lunchboxes 🍏🍎 #education… https://t.co/FLiasaOfwG
  • 12:43 PM   7 Mar
    Pears contain dietary fibre - great for digestive health @pipfruitnz #5adaynz https://t.co/2nw4tIpjk1
  • 9:17 AM   7 Mar
    Nice piece on courgettes this morning Jess! Great way to get your 5+ A Day @underground_kit @NewshubNZ #5adaynz
  • 11:43 AM   6 Mar
    Malic acid in apples helps keep teeth white 😄 Apple serving ideas on Facebook @5adaynz 🍏🍎 https://t.co/lckWtwIr3k
  • 3:41 PM   4 Mar
    Sorted for dessert duty this evening #5adaynz #summerfruit #passionfruit #salad #HealthyEating https://t.co/mw3haNt0Ky
  • 10:57 AM   1 Mar
    The best trick to make kids eat more fruits and veggies at school, according to psychologists https://t.co/rrgegWSwSr #5adaynz 🍅🌽🍐🍊🍏
  • 12:16 PM   28 Feb
    Autumn means apples & pears aplenty! Excited to see Ballarat apples back in store. New recipe ideas to come #5adaynz https://t.co/xOn3dkyPp1
  • 10:16 AM   27 Feb
    Research: Fruit and veg good for the lungs https://t.co/FxJz8jpyCv #5adaynz https://t.co/9BCidvwZmz
  • 11:20 AM   25 Feb
    What are Kiwis putting in their trolleys? 🍌🌽🍓🥑https://t.co/EdcjpiIoJz #5adaynz
  • 9:00 PM   23 Feb
    Research: Eat 10 fruit and veg a day for a longer life, not five https://t.co/RPJTH1mF41 #5adaynz
  • 11:45 AM   22 Feb
    Agree? Disagree? Research: Children play with their food: kids who do are more likely to eat veg https://t.co/LqgHMbotkM #5adaynz
  • 2:35 PM   21 Feb
    Courgette, spinach & tomato bake - leftovers great for work & school lunches. More ideas at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9 https://t.co/WwYT4HNXlZ
  • 6:18 PM   17 Feb
    RT @5adaynz: Happy Valentine's Day spud lovers! ❤️🥔 @PotatoesNZ #5adaynz https://t.co/Rr4fHeMeTI
  • 6:18 PM   17 Feb
    RT @5adaynz: Ever tried a standing desk at work? #getactive #5adaynz #workplacewellness #healthyactivelifestyle https://t.co/8p2UcViFOk
  • 5:35 PM   16 Feb
    RT @5adaynz: New 5+ A Day research: Fruit & vegetables boost workplace productivity #5adaynz https://t.co/qFemWTgoK7 https://t.co/C3rbzysrhH
  • 1:10 PM   16 Feb
    Ever tried a standing desk at work? #getactive #5adaynz #workplacewellness #healthyactivelifestyle https://t.co/8p2UcViFOk
  • 11:13 AM   14 Feb
    New 5+ A Day research: Fruit & vegetables boost workplace productivity #5adaynz https://t.co/qFemWTgoK7 https://t.co/C3rbzysrhH
  • 9:16 AM   13 Feb
    Happy Valentine's Day spud lovers! ❤️🥔 @PotatoesNZ #5adaynz https://t.co/Rr4fHeMeTI
  • 12:46 PM   10 Feb
    RT @5adaynz: Love your kebab work @StickyTV ! #5adaynz #watermelon #strawberries #snack https://t.co/cSN8oehpBF