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Fresh Inspiration

What's in Season

Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables offer value for money, great taste options and wide ranging health benefits.



Seasonal fruit packed with natural goodness 

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Try our fresh seasonal recipes for inspiration

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Workplace Wellness

Visit the 5+ A Day Workplace Wellness Hub for tools and ideas to improve wellbeing and productivity in your workplace

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Health Professionals

Order a range of 5+ A Day resources developed to assist Health Professionals with their work in the community

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Visit our new website www.5adayeducation.org.nz developed specifically for educators to order and download curriculum-linked resources on topics such as germination, composting and eating seasonally

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  • Spring has sprung in the Super City! Keep hydrated & add a herb citrus twist to your water @superbherbs #5adaynz https://t.co/fX2jCNGs4D

  • Want your children to eat vegetables? 'Take them to the supermarket https://t.co/VlbekRIYHy via @MailOnline #5adaynz

  • A big thanks & happy Dietitians Day to the professionals who support our work at 5+ A Day @DietitiansNZ #5adaynz… https://t.co/xDd9kXhwPw

  • A few loquats to brighten breakfast this morning #5adaynz #VitaminA https://t.co/SOsb7euRWL

  • Trying to encourage spring with salad boats for lunch. Adding vegetables at every meal #5adaynz https://t.co/blG5I9qkez

  • Mangos contain a good source of Vit C providing over 100% RDI, great for helping the body absorb iron from food… https://t.co/7wBu3Lhuym

  • We love adding fresh herbs to fruit & veg dishes for an extra pop of colour and taste @superbherbs Recipes:… https://t.co/CpkjMxs5Xd

  • Our take on @nadialimchef's Grilled Pineapple w/ Basil, Mint & Lime Sugar. Recipe on FB @5adaynz @superbherbs… https://t.co/6bNrfNXpG2

  • Can't wait for asparagus season! Mangaweka asparagus farmers cross fingers on picking date https://t.co/rdjp1nFzyn @HorticultureNZ #5adaynz

  • Has anyone managed to try the new Sumo fruit yet? They sound delicious! https://t.co/XfvO6nDlhT

  • Bromelain enzyme in #Pineapple provides anti-inflammatory & anti-clotting properties. Include them in your 5+ A Day… https://t.co/j05GJri5zb

  • We are celebrating the sunshine this afternoon with a tropical fruit salad @DoleTweets #5adaynz #pineapple #mango… https://t.co/t0QQONqCOq

  • Looking good All Whites... and so is 5+ A Day in QBE stadium, thanks @NZ_Football ⚽️🍊 #5adaynz https://t.co/l1LClr9772

  • Avocados for hair care? 🥑 @NZ_Avocado @just_avocados #5adaynz https://t.co/7x1yd4Iuqp

  • Read down for the meta-analysis that contradicts this study: https://t.co/1j0iFW47YJ

  • Selective reporting omits servings should be larger: Five-a-day fruit and vegetable theory debunked, via @nzherald https://t.co/KXPXLqOiRE

  • Thanks #DoleNewZealand for the tropical treats #dolebananas #choosesustainable #5adaynz 🍌 https://t.co/HbGV2bkfw2