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What's in Season

Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables offer value for money, great taste options and wide ranging health benefits.



Seasonal fruit packed with natural goodness 

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Workplace Wellness

Visit the 5+ A Day Workplace Wellness Hub for tools and ideas to improve wellbeing and productivity in your workplace

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Health Professionals

Order a range of 5+ A Day resources developed to assist Health Professionals with their work in the community

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Visit our new website www.5adayeducation.org.nz developed specifically for educators to order and download curriculum-linked resources on topics such as germination, composting and eating seasonally

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  • 🎀 https://t.co/aRTRhtwbBb

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  • Research: Blueberries help children's reaction times https://t.co/vk5DJiAbj5

  • Great to have #strawberries back in season for kids' #lunchboxes this morning 🍓 #5adaynz https://t.co/aBz4Gqgkw3

  • Working to save Cavendish bananas: Our favourite bananas are under threat from hitch-hiking fungus https://t.co/KA26ncSKOh #5adaynz 🍌

  • Roasting mushrooms with rosemary, garlic, red onions & thyme for a lunch salad #5adaynz #mushrooms https://t.co/fhv4HCx89u

  • Congrats T&G Global on your award for #Lotatoes https://t.co/zw3BUsxgiq

  • More fun #mushroom ideas from @JuliaAndLibby. Mushroom Burger recipe on https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9 #vegtarian #5adaynz https://t.co/nFB4AkMmcF

  • Try stuffing #mushrooms w/ basil, onion, ricotta, bread crumbs & parmesan cheese. Drizzle w/ olive oil & bake 20 mi… https://t.co/SGPdbebrCK

  • Very excited to see the peaches & plums these blossoms grow into #summerfruit #5adaynz #pollination 🐝 https://t.co/oIqZY6bGPO

  • The makings of a very delicious fish taco #Avocado 🥑 #Salsa @NZ_Avocado @superbherbs #5adaynz https://t.co/jtMnUhSS5R

  • NZ #mushrooms - low in carbs & calories, provide beta glucans to boost immune responses against cell damage #5adaynz https://t.co/XO7zGiIKoR

  • Half an NZ #avocado provides nearly 50% RDI Vit B6 to support healthy nerve function & unlock energy from food… https://t.co/dgLQ9b9EXg

  • Thanks for the shout out @nadialimchef in your fab November edition of #Nadia magazine! 🥕🥒🥑🍋🍊#5adaynz

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  • 🐝Could we breed a better bee? $6.3m study to investigate https://t.co/Q1Tz6BMoP6 #5adaynz

  • Watching this with interest @plantandfood: Secret to scientists' new superfruit project in the flesh https://t.co/hR15NJHr55 #5adaynz

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