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Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables offer value for money, great taste options and wide ranging health benefits.


International Year of Fruits & Vegetables

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.



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  • Kiwifruit are in season & super nutritious. They are full of fibre, vitamins & minerals that help ward off the wint… https://t.co/5TX9PmXKXJ

  • Perfect chilly night for poached tamarillo mulled wine! #nzwinterfruit #nztamarillos #5adaynz #tgif https://t.co/xlW5MWRJMx

  • Tamarillo growers could do with our support this year. Hotter weather has led to the liberibacter disease causing c… https://t.co/GkP0bGFqp9

  • It's great weather for warming soups & we have new recipes available at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9. This one is Carrot… https://t.co/Tk1jA5B7Tq

  • Media release: Feed your soul & boost your health with locally grown winter produce https://t.co/FiwnwCLJoEhttps://t.co/MzrmBuyMYw

  • Kiwifruit Parfait for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up that is just a little bit fancy! #NZkiwifruit #NZwinterfruit… https://t.co/UslSv9mZiw

  • Our new Mandarin & Mint Quinoa salad is nutritious and flavoursome. Recipe on our website https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9https://t.co/NqJ75kEmGW

  • Roasting persimmons gives beautiful sweetness and depth of flavour to our new Persimmon Couscous Salad. Recipe at… https://t.co/n8x3HcTznV

  • We’ve been eagerly watching these ripen on our neighbour’s tree. Love #NZtamarillo season. And nice neighbours❣️… https://t.co/BGZiPlhO7H

  • Try our new fresh & tangy Mandarin Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette! Recipe at https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9 #NZmandarins… https://t.co/bM8SvlpHOi

  • Research: One cup of leafy green vegetables a day lowers risk of heart disease https://t.co/zMbXaI9bln #5adaynz… https://t.co/WPojwnG1cE

  • Reach for NZ persimmons for a nutrition boost - they are a source of dietary fibre, magnesium, Vitamins A & C and p… https://t.co/XgXXoLtxyG

  • We spotted #FirstFresh persimmons in store this week so the season has begun! They are super versatile and add crun… https://t.co/6Wll4TO1eG

  • It's International Banana Day! 🍌 Check out https://t.co/xowrI3nmRg & https://t.co/qPoNzFk5D9 for banana inspo… https://t.co/FrStjCDJur

  • While feijoas are in season we're trying them different ways. This time poached with plain yoghurt & honey… https://t.co/NMpTvDFcKl

  • United Fresh is participating in the UN @FoodSystems Summit & convening a Dialogue: The Future for Fruit & Vegetabl… https://t.co/X9GD9BYhmg

  • Sweet start for New Zealand mandarin season... https://t.co/Yl7LH902pA

  • Mandarins are in store Kiwi citrus lovers! #NZmandarins #supportlocal #loveNZcitrus #5adaynz 🍊 https://t.co/bP9bdbDZ98

  • Persimmon season is close! Beautiful First Fresh persimmons in Gisborne ready for harvest #NZpersimmons #5adaynz… https://t.co/MvpawXSpSx