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Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables offer value for money, great taste options and wide ranging health benefits.


International Year of Fruits & Vegetables

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.



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  • World Fruit & Vegetable Day falls on the same day as National Mushroom Day! Add plenty of these tasty beauties to y… https://t.co/a0mMLPs05v

  • It’s World Fruit & Vegetable Day! We’re celebrating the beautiful fruit & vegetables our growers produce here in NZ… https://t.co/IQuY5r6LrQ

  • Tangelo pic to brighten your morning. They're in-season, packed with Vitamin C, juicy and delicious! #LoveNZcitrus… https://t.co/dGWQNNVXdj

  • Tapa mushrooms in olive oil, balsamic & fresh herbs. Super easy & delicious! #NZmushrooms #5adaynz #NZspringproduce https://t.co/opGSMU48wr

  • More spring goodness. Mid-late summer these beauties will be passionfruit 💜 #NZpassionfruit #5adaynz https://t.co/YP2Gt3lUXt

  • It’s not too late to plant your strawberries 🍓🍓🍓 #NZstrawberries #NZspringproduce #5adaynz https://t.co/8plhgoJ3Ur

  • Things to smile about in locked-down West Auckland… Summer & summerfruit are coming #NZsummerfruit #peaches #plums… https://t.co/qDqZtPAX62

  • Here’s a quick lunch idea - mushroom & asparagus tray bake with chilli oil and feta #NZspringproduce #nzmushrooms… https://t.co/2jnSqnCVKU

  • Tangelos are in season! Juicy, sweet and delicious. Try adding them to spring salads #LoveNZcitrus #5adaynz… https://t.co/geLHymnyHI

  • New season asparagus is delicious eaten raw. Try our Raw Asparagus Salad with Parmesan Cheese - full of flavour and… https://t.co/rqeav6uClw

  • Another cause for excitement on the seasonal produce front... NZ strawberries are on their way! 🍓Thanks for the pic… https://t.co/TLmCHszELx

  • Fresh herbs add colour, flavour and interest to so many dishes. Use them for seasoning to reduce salt in your cooki… https://t.co/AMgQcSicbT

  • The UN @FoodSystems Summit is tomorrow. It brings together key players in every stage of the food life cycle to hel… https://t.co/P29zUrU5XG

  • Whoop! First asparagus of the season for us in store today 💚 #NZasparagus #5adaynz #NZspringproduce https://t.co/3nFIL0BpTq

  • Our Teriyaki Mushrooms make a delicious lunch. Mushrooms contain B vitamins that can help with the Lockdown Fatigue… https://t.co/htfVqsqKF9

  • Te kupu o te rā: rahopūru 🥑 #5adaynz #tewikiotereomaori @NZ_Avocado https://t.co/cZOlX4WZga

  • Mushrooms are available all year and Spring is the perfect time to use them in salads and pasta dishes. New mushroo… https://t.co/m5TfruqJnk

  • Te kupu o te rā: uhitea #NZparsnip #5adaynz #TeWikioteReoMaori https://t.co/SkVGZZa8iH

  • Te kupu o te rā: ārani. #loveNZcitrus #TeWikioteReoMaori #5adaynz 🍊 https://t.co/qTCw8sVkT6

  • Te kupu o te rā: Rīwai #TeWikiOTeReoMāori #wordoftheday @PotatoesNZ #5adaynz #MāoriLanguageWeek @reomaori https://t.co/w7rOKD6dMD

  • We’ll be sharing our word of the day this Māori Language Week. Feel free to add your favourite fruit & veg in Te Re… https://t.co/KSmdQCfLOY

  • Counting down to @FoodSystems Summit 2021. #UnitedFreshNZ works collaboratively to address some of the many critica… https://t.co/xblnEqbbQi

  • Cartons of NZ Navel oranges and other produce being packed by #MGMarketing for @SalvationArmyNZ in Porirua. Thanks… https://t.co/5MSqop2HZC

  • Avocados & grapefruit are in season now and pair beautifully in salads #nzspringproduce #lovenzcitrus @NZ_Avocado… https://t.co/QVONQKYP4n

  • Lockdowns put pressure on NZ’s food systems. Ensuring every Kiwi has safe, reliable access to nutritious food is a… https://t.co/JnI2Nk88hJ

  • United Fresh is proud to lead NZ's horticulture industry in creating sustainable #FoodSystems. This requires cooper… https://t.co/g3wxbLQefH

  • Freshen up with a grapefruit smoothie! #loveNZcitrus #nzspringproduce #5adaynz https://t.co/nDzGpLq3eC

  • Nourish your whānau with locally grown spring produce https://t.co/Frzl6Ncc4Y https://t.co/5xlj3Lq694