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Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables offer value for money, great taste options and wide ranging health benefits.



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For good health this winter look to seasonal vegetables for immunity support.

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  • Wahooo! Just spotted NZ (Gisborne) Navel oranges in store 🍊🧡 #5aday #NZwinterfruit #loveNZcitrus https://t.co/EFfgI8vBAi

  • Today is World Microbiome Day. Keep your gut healthy with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Head to… https://t.co/Lu7X56CTDZ

  • Growers also suffering as fruit and vege prices continue to rise https://t.co/21SfwErZx0

  • From our whānau at 5+ A Day to yours, Mānawatia a Matariki ✨ #5adaynz #Matariki2022 #nzwinterveg https://t.co/ydL1zADoBm

  • Simple is best! Baked Agria potatoes make the most satisfying side dish. Garnish with fresh herbs like parsley, dil… https://t.co/Tu19YSd4bB

  • More winter vegetable goodness - roasted broccoli with tofu. So full of nutrients and tastes great too. Recipe at… https://t.co/Y1Fx5BtSzf

  • It's definitely soup weather. Get a load of our chunky vegetable soup for a warming and nourishing lunch… https://t.co/RHTVIH5n7o

  • Parsnips provide a good source of Vitamin K which is vital in helping blood to clot & building healthy bones. Try o… https://t.co/2Tnd89Y228

  • If you haven't already, try roasting cauliflower. In this recipe we added garlic and topped with parsley & a squeez… https://t.co/gjEDxHV6G0

  • United Fresh NZ commissioned a research poll in May to explore how COVID-19 affected kiwis' eating habits. The resu… https://t.co/VjvQBDWWgg

  • To help kiwis shop for value when buying fresh vegetables we teamed up with @Vege_co_nz to produce a new resource.… https://t.co/sJSrSPFfCG

  • Kūmara wedges with home made ranch dressing are perfect for sharing this Queen’s Birthday Weekend #NZwinterveg… https://t.co/RfodjDFicj

  • Carrots are good value and a great source of nutrition. Try our Glazed Carrots recipe and more winter vegetable dis… https://t.co/OYKD6EF444

  • Happy first day of winter! We're working with @Vege_co_nz to share simple recipes over the next few weeks that make… https://t.co/eEMQ6pTMMZ

  • NZ mandarins are in season now. A serving of 2 mandarins provides a good source of folate & Vitamin C which support… https://t.co/PqmJk8B3O1

  • Pack your autumn salads with fresh mandarins for a burst of flavour and Vitamin C #5adaynz #loveNZcitrus https://t.co/9vK0efi8o6

  • More persimmon inspo for your arvo. Enjoy 🧡🤎 #nzpersimmons @WhittakersNZ #5adaynz https://t.co/U0YDn5coxV

  • Sustainability project for NZ apples https://t.co/uDk2kMvecY #NZapples

  • This very pretty salad is full of persimmon glory! Persimmons are in season and so good for you with around 40% of… https://t.co/jOPfyEVzUE

  • NZ Vegetable Prices Expected To Ease “Winter vegetable crops are coming in now and we will see great value carrots… https://t.co/5u6SE7FEUH

  • Friends with feijoas 💚💚💚 #5adaynz #nzfeijoas https://t.co/18CxtNA4aP

  • Autumn salads are all the go at the 5+ A Day office with fresh persimmons #fruitinspiration #NZpersimmons #5adaynz https://t.co/vh9NCjYjd3

  • Great value in brassicas at the moment. $2.19 for broccoli and $3.69 for a whole cauliflower. They’re packed with n… https://t.co/tiBH7pELWp

  • NZ persimmons are in season! https://t.co/7S8KpG31SN #5adaynz #nzpersimmons https://t.co/WWeyTN897j

  • Today is Earth Day. We’re doing our small part to #InvestInOurPlanet by reducing food waste. Use as much of fruit &… https://t.co/ypRZJTLwJ9

  • Earth Day is this Friday & we're getting involved by reducing fruit & vegetable waste. Remember to use the 'whole'… https://t.co/gXbjtZ8Wl7

  • We have new recipes at https://t.co/QRh4kkzz5w. This Grilled Pear & Halloumi Salad is a good one to share with gues… https://t.co/ewCMHDNrsN